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Thomil will be at Hygienalia 2023

Thomil will be at Hygienalia 2023


Thomil will attend the Hygienalia 2023 fair in Madrid from November 7th to 9th, where it will present its products and innovations.

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Standards & Legality

Our success in Meeting Standards

We live in a globalised world where environmental sustainability is a prominent concern. The chemical industry today faces a new era with exciting changes, the challenge to obtain improved cleaning results with less environmental impact. Thomil accepts and stands for those changes, pushing and promoting them. We are concerned and it concerns us.

All new legislation on chemical matters is clearly focused on environmental issues; registers, updated homogenous standards and directives, new processes that are greener, more respectful and more logical. We demand a cleaner and more ecological future and with the ISO 14001, REACH and ECOLABEL we are heading in that direction and, stress-free, are taking our clients with us.

Committed to the environment. Learn more about our Environmental Commitment.

Where standards are concerned, your success with Thomil is guaranteed.