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Thomil will be at Hygienalia 2023

Thomil will be at Hygienalia 2023


Thomil will attend the Hygienalia 2023 fair in Madrid from November 7th to 9th, where it will present its products and innovations.

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Thomilmatic Rose and Thomilmatic Lavender. The new Thomil softeners. 25/03/2014

Thomil enlarges its product range incorporating two new softeners.

Thomilmatic Rose, with musk rose perfume and Thomilmatic Lavender, with lavender fragrance. These new softeners, having a very high concentration of active substance, are very profitable for professional laundries because, with a very small dosage, spectacular results are obtained on textiles by reducing drying and ironing times, temperatures and speeds, resulting in substantial energy savings in the washing process.

Its new generation formula prevents white linen from turning gray, while eliminating odors and leaving textiles fluffy and soft.

Remarkable are the new fragrances of musk rose and lavender, very pleasant and with a high level of perfumation long after taking clothes out from the machine.

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