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Thomil will be at Hygienalia 2023

Thomil will be at Hygienalia 2023


Thomil will attend the Hygienalia 2023 fair in Madrid from November 7th to 9th, where it will present its products and innovations.

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Thomil's C-Matic softener now in 10 litre format 22/01/2014

Thomil Profesional starts the year launching their new developments. The current C- Matic softener is now available in 10 liters.

This ultra-concentrated softener with Marseille soap scent removes easily the static electricity of textiles. Its high concentration of active ingredient (+15 %) makes it a really profitable softening product thanks to the low dose rates. In addition, it shortens drying and ironing times, speeds and temperatures, enabling significant energy savings.

Its latest generation formula prevents whites from turning grey and it also prevents the appearance of yellow mold in wet areas, eliminating encrustations and odors and leaving textiles fluffy and soft without losing their absorption or drying capacity. Similarly, its high level of perfumation remains long after taking out textiles from the machine.

Thomil’s C–Matic softener is a much-needed product for all types of laundries, hostels, sports centers and apartments, hotel laundries, hospitals, nursing homes or for washing of industrial workware. The excellent results back up this assertion.

In the coming months, Thomil plans to launch into the professional market further developments focused on solving problems in the world of professional cleaning and higiene.