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Thomil will be at Hygienalia 2023

Thomil will be at Hygienalia 2023


Thomil will attend the Hygienalia 2023 fair in Madrid from November 7th to 9th, where it will present its products and innovations.

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Do you know the Official Register of Cleaning Companies (ROEL)? 13/04/2023

The ROEL is a recently created registry to regulate the cleaning sector in Spain. Its objective is focused on meeting a series of requirements that guarantee quality.

This registry has been promoted by the two associations that represent cleaning companies (AFELIN - small and medium-sized enterprises and ASPEL - large companies).

To register with the ROEL, cleaning companies must meet a series of requirements, such as being legally constituted, up-to-date with tax and social security contributions, having liability insurance, and complying with safety and hygiene regulations at work. Once registered, they can participate in public procurement processes and bid for cleaning contracts offered. In this way, competition is encouraged and it is ensured that companies providing cleaning services meet the required quality and safety standards.

In summary, the Official Registry of Cleaning Companies is a very important tool for regulating the cleaning sector in our country and guaranteeing the quality and safety of the services provided.