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Cleaning protocol for public restrooms

Public toilets are one of the most delicate places when it comes to undertake a cleaning plan, precisely because there is a high daily people flow and the accumulation of bacteria and germs is much higher.

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The basics of cleaning in nursing homes

Studies have shown that living in a clean, safe and maintained environment goes a long way to improve a person’s health and well-being. This is especially true for the elderly.

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Why choosing ecological cleaning products?

Nowadays, we associate all what is ecological to something expensive and exclusive without even comparing them or knowing the many different reasons for choosing eco-friendly cleaning products.

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How can I use chemicals safely?

Chemicals tend to be seen as frightening. The perception is often that chemicals are potentially dangerous and that they should be avoided.

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Summer holidays the ideal time for deep cleaning

Primary schools are a busy place for much of the year. There are always people coming and going during term-time – mainly pupils and teachers, but also parents, governors, caterers and pastoral staff.

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