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Thomil will be at Hygienalia 2023

Thomil will be at Hygienalia 2023


Thomil will attend the Hygienalia 2023 fair in Madrid from November 7th to 9th, where it will present its products and innovations.

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Our success in Services

Customers today need more than a cleaning product; they require complete and easy solutions. Our chemical formulas are only a small part of our Customer Service Package: dosage, advice on regulations, training on-demand, effective technical assistance, clear and available data, consumption/profitability reports and a local and convenient distribution system prepared to meet your every need.

An Overview of our Services

Thomil Profesional combination: The Best People + The Best Products + The Best Services. 

If you would like to learn more about the whole range of services offered by Thomil Profesional, do not hesitate in contacting us and be assured you will promptly receive all the information you require.  A summary of our most requested services by our top clients follows.

Regulation and Legislation

- Packaging and Waste Management,

- Environmental Management. ISO 14001. Spillage = 0, Emissions = 0

- Information and Technical-Sanitary Advice: Procedures, Registries, Safety Data Sheets

Costs & Profitability

- Unit-cost studies. Status reports, improvement areas and methods of use

- Reports on purchases and consumption. Global information or divided into each profit areas

Market Analysis

- Information for the Thomil user. Rules, regulations and practices relating to the specific sector of our customers

Technical Assistance                                             

- Study, analysis, installation, programming, establishment of dosage and dosage maintenance and including statistical monitoring for the Professional Laundry sector

- Dosage for automatic dish washing

- Dosage and control for Food Industry

- Dosage and control for Automobile Cleaning Service


- Hygiene-Cleaning Plans

- Commercial research and study of customer needs

- Development of a customized plan

- Training and practical experience at customer site

- Control on correct use, results follow-up and correction of any discrepancy

- Customer-Thomil  training

- Practical demonstrations on the effectiveness of products and application methods

- Training on  Safety and Accident Prevention related to cleaning

- Training Centre and Thomil Profesional Showroom

- More than 15 different training programs on products and their applications

- Real case scenarios for all cleaning training programmes

- Specific and specialized training staff

- Organization of personalised training sessions for customers and staff

Web Services

- Consultations on products, methods, standards, environment issues, promotions, launches, news ...

- Download of images and photos, brochures, presentations, technical specifications, safety data sheets, health plans

- Requests for technical assistance, marketing assistance, technical or legal documentation, training, demonstrations, purchases ...

Distribution and Logistics

- A single supplier for all your needs

- Permanent, plentiful, complete and updated stock

- Fast and free delivery to your facilities


- In products: Stable and invariable formulas, effective, biodegradable, 100% legal

- In containers and packaging: Own design both exclusive and ergonomic and adapted to the user. Safe and environmentally friendly.